Belly Dance

Belly Dance is a rich and varied dance, which is characterised by many hip and pelvic movements. It is a feminine dance. Its practice allows each woman to express her own sensitivity, emotions and passion.

It is very comprehensive and incorporates movement of all parts of the body. It increases flexibility and helps tone the chest, shoulders, arms, hands, pelvis and abdomen and thighs. In addition, it helps relax tight joints and maintain a strong back.

This art allows the individual to express their femininity, vitality, and feelings.

In addition, there are many benefits to practicing belly dance: it relaxes body and mind, helps memory and creativity, corrects posture, makes you elegant and feminine, burns calories, strengthens and reshapes the arms, increases agility and self-esteem, relieves premenstrual syndromes, promotes blood circulation, and helps improve your overall sense of happiness!

Recommended outfit for the class is: dance pants or leggings, scarf around the hips, a close-fitting top. Footwear is not required as the practice is carried out barefoot.

Belly Dance Class in Dubai
Learn Belly Dance in Dubai
Belly Dance Class in Dubai
Belly Dancing in Dubai