Angela will be performing at DUBAI HENNA PARTY SHOW
September 13th at 6 PM

With artists: Tatiana Avila, Angela Mia, Mayra Mugo, Anusch Alawerdian, Aida, Sahar, Hanan, Victoria and Roberta Darrigo.


Angela will be performing at "BELLYDANCE SUPERSTAR DUBAI" on September 28th at 8 PM!

Don't miss this great show with international artists at Café de la Danse!

Artists: Gamal Seif, Najla Ferreira, Milla Tenorio, Angela Mia, Tatiana Avila, Roberta Darrigo, Vaina, Leyla Sultan, Pipo, Young Hee and Shalilah. Organized by Milla Tenorio and Adriana Fontenelle.

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