Angela Mia

Angela Mia is an Oriental Dance Artist.

She is a Belly Dancer, a Dance Instructor and a Choreographer. She was born in Paris (France) and has an experience of more than 18 years.




From an early age Angela has been dancing. Starting with classical dance and modern jazz, she quickly became very proficient and took up gymnastics for several years. Combined with her love of movement and natural ability to learn the complexities of any new dance, these different disciplines encouraged her unique sense of rhythm in addition to promoting her love of theatrical performance.


Since 2000, when Angela mastered the art of Oriental Dance, she has performed as a soloist dancer in numerous countries around the world (France, Switzerland, Morocco, Portugal, UAE, Guadeloupe, Spain, Corsica and Germany). She also participated in several French TV shows.


Teaching dance is a passion for Angela and while continuously learning herself she has over 15 years’ experience teaching Oriental Dance in France.


Today, she lives in Dubai and continues to teach Oriental Dance and share her passion for this unique discipline with students of all levels, including professional dancers.